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Use of images

We are all aware that, increasingly, technology is making it easier for words, pictures and images to be used inappropriately as printed material or on the Internet. It is therefore important that Schools take practical steps to ensure that pictures and images of children taken by members of staff, members of the press, and also by parents, guardians and pupils, are taken in a way that reflects the protective ethos of the School.  We must particularly ensure that pupils themselves do not capture images of the School or their Schoolmates for unauthorised use, such as posting on internet sites with inappropriate comments or to be subject to later, inappropriate alterations.

The School has developed the guidelines which appear below and asks for parental agreement to support and abide by them.

  • With regard to the School’s website, The Westcliff Diary, social media, and local news media, we ask for the consent of parents to use images of pupils. These images may be of pupils in classroom situations or of pupils in extra-curricular situations such as visits abroad or representative fixtures.
  • We would like to continue to use photographs of pupils in promotional materials such as the School prospectus.
  • We would like to make use of pupil photographs in the Art and Design & Technology Departments, where pupils may be photographed in lessons on portraiture or alongside their work for display purposes, in concert programmes and programmes for theatrical productions. We would like to continue our current practice which is to have named photographs of certain pupils with similar arrangements for School teams, i.e. sport, debating, etc.
  • In order to continue to develop high quality teaching and learning, we would like to film some lessons and School events. These films will be used for internal training purposes only, either to disseminate good practice or to develop teaching strategies with staff.
  • With reference to School events where parents may wish to take photos and films, we will continue to allow parents to use recording equipment, but only in designated areas and in appropriate settings such as the Main Hall and the School Field. Parents will not be able to use cameras in ‘backstage’ areas or School classrooms. 
  • With reference to School events, productions and trips, the School will continue to produce its own official films and photographs. These will be done by professional photographers where feasible, but otherwise by members of staff, and parents will have the opportunity to purchase copies.
  • Finally, with regard to mobile phones and Internet-enabled devices, School policy states that these are not to be 'live' during the School day.  Pupils must not take photographs of other pupils or staff with these devices, either in School, or on the journey to and from School: digital images of staff and pupils can later be altered and posted on the Internet.  When this is done it breaks the law and causes distress or offence to the person who has been photographed.

We believe that the procedures outlined above are comprehensive, and should not cause anxiety to parents and guardians.  They are designed to protect our pupils and staff from certain unsavoury uses of modern technology.

It is important that we are able to celebrate pupils’ achievements and successes and we would strongly encourage you to give the School permission to use images as detailed above.