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Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance

The School delivers an extensive programme Careers Education, Information, Advice and Guidance (CEIAG) which is embedded across pupils’ education at WHSB. It does not simply take place as part of bespoke or one off events. The School employs a dedicated Careers advisor, Ms N Weller, whose contact details can be found at the bottom of this page.

The School reviews its CEIAG provision annually through Compass+ to ensure it meets the Gatsby Benchmarks.

The School’s Careers policy can be accessed at the following link: Careers policy
The School’s Provider Access policy can be accessed at the following link: Provider Access Policy

The Careers programme is delivered through three channels.

Firstly, pupils receive CEIAG as part of the Pastoral Programme of Form Periods, Year Assemblies and Whole School Assemblies. The Pastoral Programme reflects the School’s Learner Profile, which articulates the intent of education at WHSB. We believe that pupils who are able to develop the seven attributes outlined in the Learner Profile will be well prepared to make informed decisions about their future careers and be in a position access opportunities, having developed the cultural capital which opens those opportunities to them.

Intellectually Curious

Personal Integrity

Collaborative & Supportive

Open to Opportunity

Globally Aware

Effective Communicator

Lifelong Learner

In addition, with increasing frequency, as pupils progress through the School, Form Periods and Year Assemblies explicitly address matters of CEIAG.

In Year 9 pupils receive a series of GCSE Options Assemblies to help them make informed decisions about which GCSE options they may wish to take. These are followed up with Form Periods where Form Tutors are able to discuss these matters with their tutees. Pupils also participate in a GCSE Options Fair, during which the School’s dedicated Careers Advisor also presents to these pupils regarding careers. Year 9 pupils (and their parents) are also provided with a GCSE Options Evening (led by the Headmaster) to ensure that they are able to make the most appropriate choices for their GCSE courses.

In the Middle School (Years 10 and 11), pupils receive guidance as part of their Form Period programme, including employability and study skills. As part of this programme, the School’s dedicated Careers Advisor presents to these Year groups. In Year 11 pupils also participate in an A Level Options Fair, and a series of taster lessons, during School hours to help them make appropriate decisions with regards to A Level Options. The pupils (and their parents) also attend an A Level Options Evening (led by the Headmaster) to ensure that they are able to make the most appropriate choices for their next stage in education.

Most timetabled CEIAG provision in the Sixth Form is provided as part of the programme of tutorials and assemblies. This constitutes a significant proportion of what is delivered through the pastoral programme. Students are given guidance on UCAS applications, as well as non-university based alternatives such as apprenticeships. They are supported in preparing applications and are allocated a member of staff to provide them with individual advice in order to support their applications. They are also provided with a programme of mock interviews.

Secondly, CEIAG is addressed within the Personal Social Health and Economic Education (PSHEE) curriculum (Main School) and in Breadth Studies (Sixth Form). This takes place as part of a rotation of timetabled lessons where distinct units are dedicated to CEIAG in Years 8, 9, 10, 11 and the Sixth Form. CEIAG provision is also given as part of Enrichment activities for Year 10, Lower Sixth and Upper Sixth.


Topics Covered


Aspirations for Future
Identity and the World of Work
Career Choices
Global Economy and Finance


GCSE Options
Sources of Careers Advice
Exam Skills
Financial Decisions
Savings and Borrowing
Financial Choices and Debt


Leadership and Careers
Complete a SWOT analysis of their current situation
Investigate a variety of career opportunities
Explore different methods of entering a variety careers


Study or Employment?
Creating a CV
Skills and Qualities for Employment
Rights and Responsibilities at Work
Employment Opportunities
Structures of Businesses
The World of Business
The how and why of business funding
Entrepreneurship and Risk

Sixth Form

Cultures, Considering the World of Work
Critical Thinking
Stress Management
Dissertation Writing

Thirdly, WHSB offers an extensive programme of additional provision outside of timetabled lessons and the pastoral programme. This is organised by our dedicated Careers Advisor. This includes:

  • Careers Evenings: These regular events (involving speakers form the relevant sectors) are free and open to all pupils at the School, as well as being offered to pupils at other local schools. They include sessions on: Medicine, Finance, Law, Politics, STEM, Engineering, Apprenticeships, Architecture, Intelligence & Sports Media;
  • Connexions Meetings: offered to all Year 11 pupils. Additional meetings offered to Year 10 pupils and Sixth Form students upon request or following staff recommendation;
  • Unifrog Careers Library: available for all Year Groups – this is formally introduced to all pupils in Years 10 and 11 as well as the Sixth Form;
  • Work Experience Programme: offered to all Year 11 pupils and supported throughout Sixth Form as well, with information, advice and guidance. External opportunities are circulated upon receipt, which sometimes have a cost implication for the individual, but can be accessed at the pupil's discretion;
  • Young Enterprise Company Programme: offered as part of the Lower Sixth Wednesday Afternoon Activities, for any aspiring entrepreneurs of the future;
  • Careers Guidance: given in individual Year Group Assemblies;
  • School Library Careers Section: information and prospectus available and updated each year;
  • CV Guidance: templates are sent to Years 10 and 11 and the Sixth Form and content writing guidance is provided;
  • Enrichment Days: bespoke ‘off-timetable’ days are delivered to different Year Groups.
  • Interview Techniques: guidance is given on a one-to-one basis, as per individual requests and generically provided in Assemblies, Enrichment Days and Careers focused events;
  • One to One Careers Guidance Meetings: made upon request and also via recommendation from members of staff;
  • Career Ready: motivational trips and industry specific visits arranged for specially identified and appropriate Year Groups;
  • Participation in Collective IAG meetings: hosted and attended with local peers, Southend Borough Council Managers and staff (termly);

The School welcomes approaches from employers and businesses who would like to contribute to the School’s Careers programme. Approaches should be directed to the School’s dedicated Careers advisor.

Careers advisor contact details:

Ms N Weller
Westcliff High School for Boys
Kenilworth Gardens
Westcliff on Sea

Telephone via Main School Office: 01702 475443 ext 1121

This page will be reviewed in September 2022