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Class of 2024



You have made it to Westcliff High School for Boys and you should be very proud of this considerable achievement!  We are pleased that you have chosen our school for your education for the next five-seven years and are confident that, between us, we can ensure that you have a very happy and successful time at School.


It is easy to imagine that you are both excited and a little nervous about this next stage in your life.  These feelings are entirely understandable as you are probably coming from a very small school, perhaps with none of your friends coming with you and you just don’t know what to expect.  Please be reassured that the vast majority of the boys who will be joining you to form the Class of ’24 will be in exactly the same situation as you and share your feelings.  Here at Westcliff High School for Boys, we will make sure you feel part of our community very quickly.  The staff and pupils at this School are very welcoming and supportive and are always happy to give advice to those in difficulty.

As you know, Westcliff High School for Boys takes great pride in its history and traditions – now you are going to be a part of that.  You are about to enter a new and exciting phase in your education and we know that you will be keen to seize the opportunities that will become available to you.  We want you to enjoy learning, we want you to make good progress, we want you to participate in the wider school community.  We know that by taking full advantage of this opportunity, you will develop in confidence and become a responsible and productive citizen who will go on to make a positive contribution to School life and to society.

We look forward to meeting you at the Year 7 Induction Day in the Summer Term - and remember to keep working hard at your Junior School until the end of this academic year as this will not only leave a good impression with your current teachers and friends, but will also form good habits for your start here in September.

In the meantime, check out the videos found on our Virtual Tour to find out more information about your subjects, teachers and student life at WHSB.

Yours sincerely

Mr AC Baggs (Director of Lower School)