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The House System

When students join Westcliff in Year 7 and the Sixth Form they are placed into 1 of 4 Houses – Harrier, Kestrel, Merlin and Osprey.

Placing students in Houses enables inter-school competition at all levels as well as creating a sense of belonging.   At the end of the year, the points gained during house competitions are totalled up and the winning House receives the Phoenix Cup.


Message from the Senior Head of House and House System Coordinator, Mr Barber:

I am the Senior Head of House, House System Coordinator and a Head of Department at WHSB. I have been teaching for 15 years and specialise in Geography, Geology and PSHEE. This is an amazing school to work in and the students are fantastic. I am very proud to be a Head of House and strongly feel that the House System is very important. A priority of mine is to promote the full and active engagement of pupils in the House System and to motivate individuals so that they take advantage of the numerous extracurricular opportunities available at the school. This is so that the pupils become well-rounded and broadminded individuals ready to face the challenges of the 21st Century.

The House System has continued to go from strength to strength and it is an honour to serve as Senior Head of House with responsibility for coordinating the House System as a whole. I have now been a House Leader for 6 Years.

This year, our emphasis has been on developing new House activities and broadening participation in the Sixth Form. New events have included among others House: Poetry, Lord of the Rings, Magic the Gathering, War Hammer, Bake-Off, Christmas cards, Star Wars, sports quiz, combined sciences, algorithms, cartography, Harry Potter and improvisational theatre ‘improv’.

More established events have also taken place such as: spelling, general knowledge, current affairs, music, badminton, rugby and business.

I would like to thank the House Captains, Vice-Captains, Year Representatives and all the students that have got involved to help make the House System a success.

Upcoming events taking place will include: table tennis, geography, rapping, table-football, French, cross country, basketball, table tennis, tennis, athletics, football, debating, mental arithmetic, chess, oratory and many more. Please see the noticeboards and listen to announcements in registers for more details.

If you have any ideas about any new House events or would like to assist with organising an activity, then please do not hesitate in contacting me.

Remember, it is all about getting involved, trying new things and most importantly having fun!


Each House has 1 house representative from each year, alongside 1 House captain and 2 Vice-Captains from the sixth form.

Year Representative Responsibilities: 

  • To organise and select teams for their year group's competitions.  
  • To ensure all team members know when they are competing. 
  • To ensure fairness and equal opportunity for all. 

VI Form Captains' and Vice Captains' Responsibilities:

  • To display team lists on the House notice boards. 
  • To meet with the House coordinator to plan each term's competitions. 
  • To lead House assemblies with staff support. 
  • To provide officials to support the running of competitions. 
  • To provide inspiration and motivation to all pupils in their House. 
  • To oversee and support the Year Group Representatives. 
  • To provide information for their Year Group Representatives. 
  • To ensure the House notice boards are informative and well maintained. 
  • To receive trophies at end of term assemblies. 
Role Harrier Kestrel Merlin Osprey
Head of House Mr Yeo Mr Lilley Mr Sexton Mr Rayment
House Captain Oluwatamilore Mustafa ​​​​​​ Arunan Sivabalan Daniel Atkinson Klain Fernando
Vice Captain Abigail Owolabi Success Ariyibi Matthew Mohan Andrew Twimasi
Vice Captain Harinihan Gowrethasan Atul Sooraj Jonathan Age Raeez Ramjan


ePraise allows staff to award House Points to year 7-9 pupils electronically.  This graph shows the total House Points awarded to year 7-9 pupils on ePraise so far this academic year:

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