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Governing Board Structure

The Full Governing Board has four scheduled meetings each year. Those meetings regularly receive and discuss detailed papers prepared by the Headmaster. In addition there are four committees of the Governing Board, namely Finance, Administration & Property, Personnel, Performance Scrutiny and Teaching, Quality & Pastoral Care. Minutes of Committee meetings are presented to the subsequent meeting of the Full Governing Board and the Chairman and Headmaster/Deputy Headmaster are available to answer questions. All minutes and related documents are posted on the Governors' Portal which can be accessed by all members of the Governing Board.

The Governing Board approves a Scheme of Delegation which can be viewed at the bottom of this page.

Finance, Administration & Property Committee

  • Mr M DeGrove (Chair)
  • Mr R Galvin (Deputy)
  • Mr C Casey
  • Mr M A Skelly
  • Mr J Currell

  • Mr R Steel

  • Mr A Cole

  • Mrs N Darby - Bursar (Clerk)

  • Mr S Rothon – Director of Finance & Accounting

Personnel Committee

  • Ms F Colwell (Chair)
  • Mr M Solomons (Deputy)
  • Mr M DeGrove
  • Mr D Norman MBE
  • Mr M A Skelly
  • Mr S Rothon – Director of Finance & Accounting (Clerk)

Performance Scrutiny Committee

  • Mr M Solomons (Chair)
  • Mr R Galvin (Deputy)
  • Mr C Casey
  • Mr M A Skelly
  • Dr T Nageh

  • Dr P Guyler

  • Mr M Manning – Second Deputy Head (Clerk)


Teaching Quality & Pastoral Care Committee

  • Mr D Norman MBE (Chair)
  • Mr A Cole (Deputy)
  • Mr K Dalby
  • Mr M A Skelly
  • Dr T Nageh

  • Mr J Currell

  • Dr P Guyler

  • Ms F Colwell

  • Miss G Fairfax (Third Deputy Head)

  • Mr W Williams – Deputy Head (Clerk)

Additional Responsibilities

  • Joint Chairs: Ms F Colwell and Mr A Cole

  • Vice Chair: Dr P Guyler

  • SEND: Mr D Norman MBE & Dr T Nageh
  • Safeguarding: Ms F Colwell
  • Disadvantaged Pupils and LAC: Mr M Solomons & Mr A Cole
  • Careers Education & Guidance: Mr A Cole
  • PSHEE: Dr P Guyler/Dr T Nageh
  • Equality : Mr R Galvin
  • Health & Safety: Mr R Galvin
  • Governance Professional (Clerk) to Governing Board: Mr S Rothon – Director of Finance & Accounting