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The Mock Election campaign at WHSB

The Mock Election campaign at WHSB saw hustings at each Year Assembly, Question Time Debates at lunchtime, and each party candidate had their own School Assembly to set out their party manifesto and core policies.

Three political parties were represented this time around - Conservative, Labour and LibDem – and our polling day was Wednesday 3 July. The results were declared by our Deputy Returning Officer (James, Lower Sixth) to be as follows:

Aila, Lower Sixth (The Liberal Democrats Party) - 141 votes

Finlay, Lower Sixth (The Conservative Party) - 86 votes

Rafael, Lower Sixth (The Labour Party) - 277 votes

So, Rafael has been duly elected as the Representative for Westcliff High School for Boys.

The total valid poll was 540, with the turnout being 55%.

Labour’s margin of victory was greatest in Year 7 (81% share of the vote) and lowest in Year 8 and the Lower Sixth (45% and 43% respectively). The Conservatives had their best results in Year 8 and Year 9 (a 26% share of the vote for both). For the LibDems, it was with Year 9 that they garnered the most support (45% share).

We thank all those students who participated in our Mock Election campaign as candidates, campaign managers, party spokespeople, elections officials and tellers. Thank you also to all members of the School who voted. We are grateful to Mr Stevens, Head of Politics for coordinating our Mock Election, and to those staff who chaired Question Time Debates.