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Working at WHSB

We recognise that it is important for pupils to have the opportunity to develop their interests through a full extracurricular programme to which we hope staff will wish to contribute and, although in many respects a traditional School, WHSB is alive to the significance of new technology which is increasingly in evidence at WHSB in many different areas of the curriculum.

Boys and girls are given the opportunity for work shadowing and the School has a full programme in Careers Education.

The basis of the School’s success is, undoubtedly, the motivation of pupils and the quality and commitment of our staff. The academic organisation of the School is based on Departments which are encouraged to work as teams and to engage in dialogue across the School.

There is a strong collegiate sense in the School which those coming to WHSB ought to find extremely supportive. The corporate life of the School is also important and all staff are expected to support daily Assembly and, through their own manner and appearance, to support the general values the School seeks to promote.

The School is conscious of the need to provide staff with every opportunity for career development both through the imaginative use of its own in-service programme and through enabling staff to take advantage of opportunities outside the School.

The School is now within a new and challenging phase in its development and is responding to a rapidly evolving national agenda. An ambitious Development Plan has been drawn up and is being implemented and this will see the School taking substantial initiatives in relation to personalized and independent learning, collaboration with others, extended provision and the extension of our outreach work. The Headmaster and Governors are committed to the continuing development of the School.