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After a delay of almost six hours (due to technical difficulties) our CERN students have finally just flown over the School on their way to Geneva for the weekend. Hopefully the rest of their time away will run much smoother!

Day two of the EES workshop saw students learning some additional skills. Here are photos of David and Ignacio programming and Antony, Jack, Conor and James fabricating.

This is a reminder that tomorrow is Christmas Dinner day in the Dining Hall - there will be no food service at breaktime, and the only food available at lunchtime will be Christmas Dinner (if pre-booked).

@ESFA_academies Thank you for the update.

@ESFA_academies We are trying to upload bids to the Condition Improvement Fund portal but the website is painfully slow. Having tried in the middle of the night it is still not functioning properly. What advice do you have?

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